It is often difficult to choose which fabrics are best for your home which can often lead to many journeys to fabric showrooms trying to find the right books. Combe Park Interiors provides the opportunity to not only discuss the best options but also have a number of fabrics brought to the comfort of your own home.

We can consider aspects such as maximising light, style or theme of room and the purpose and function of the area and then advice on a number of fabrics and designs. By having a range of fabrics to hand in this way also allows for bespoke options to be discussed, as well as looking at fabrics that you may not have otherwise considered. Fabric samples can also be left for a few days to help show the fabric in different lights, allowing other friends and family to help with the decisions.

The Fabric Consultation service is complementary when providing a quotation and has always proved very popular with all clients, from those that need help in getting started to those trying to track down a particular style.

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