Beautiful Vibrancy and Colour


Dividing curtain between the two spaces helping to emphasize the surrounding colour

The brief for this project was to provide a way of dividing the room into two areas; a kids zone and an adults space, whilst finding a way to highlight all the wonderful colours and textures. The client had a collection of wonderful fabrics especially from South America, which included bold, vibrant colours.  Another focal point to the room was the large canvas painting situated within the kids space.  The colours from this had been picked out already by a bright turquoise velvet sofa and mustard coloured cushions which contrasted beautifully. In a previous project with this client, we had designed some bespoke blinds to img_5009fit around the lounge bay window.  The colours chosen were two contrasting turquoises, the light turquoise bordering on three sides with the darker colour. This provided great definition to the wonderful colours around the room. We also chose to use a combination of silks for the blinds. This helped to add a contrast in textures next to the wool, velvets and linens.

The small window in the childrens space, was matched to these previous blinds and we were even able to use the remaining fabric.  By doing this, it helped to achieve fluidity between the two areas. The larger challenge however was the dividing curtain.  This needed to cover a large recess and yet still keep ensure unity between the two spaces. We finally chose a beautiful off-white colour that was as close as possible to the wall colour.  This would help to maintain the feeling of lightness and unity to the room.  The fabric was a James Hare silk, the texture of which coordinated with the coloured silks used in the Roman blinds.  The heading was kept overly simple so that once drawn, the curtain would resemble more of an extension to the walls, almost panel like in design. It also meant that with less fabric in the curtain, they gathered neatly and tightly to the sides. The overall effect was a very calming space that was multifunctional and helped to display the vibrancy of the surrounding colours.

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